How We Started

Like most non-profits, Mid-County Senior Center grew from humble beginnings.

Over 35 years ago, in 1979, Sally Williams founded Mid-County Senior Center in the basement of St. Barnabas Church. Armed with little more than a few tables and chairs, Sally sought to break away from tradition and create a place for older people to remain active, both physically and mentally. The emphasis on physical activity was no more apparent than in Mid-County’s inaugural softball team, something most other senior centers shied away from at the time.

The next few years brought more and more members, and with them, the need for additional space. In 1981, Sally Williams and her dedicated band of employees relocated to the former Lora Little Elementary School, then and now a Delaware National Guard Building. In the 35 years since, improvements, such as an addition and a new gym and fitness center, have been added.

This brings us to present day. A few of the original members are still with us; in some cases, we’re on our second and third generation of members. And even though our membership has grown to include over 4,000 people, Mid-County Senior Center continues to embody its original motto, “meet friends and renew friendships.”