Donations help us offer our programs and services at little or no cost to our members. Whether to purchase equipment for badminton or strength training, supplies for art class, or one of our many other activities or programs, we work hard to make the most of every dollar.

Donations are kindly accepted by cash, check or credit card. If you would like to donate online, you can do so here:

or they can be accepted as transfers of assets; stocks, bonds, real estate. You may want to consider a legacy donation as part of your charitable giving in your will or by listing the Center as a beneficiary of a retirement plan or life insurance policy. Please contact Ms. Donna Tascione at with any questions. (see also FAQs below)

The following is a hypothetical example of how a legacy plan could incorporate Mid-County Center.

Gerri, an active women who has enjoyed a full life of experiences, wants to give something back to the Community but wants to remain anonymous. Gerri explains to her attorney that Mid-County is important to her but needs to keep her savings in case she needs it for her care in her golden years. Gerri’s attorney suggests she consider naming Mid-County Center as a beneficiary to her retirement account or as a specific bequest in her will. Gerri asks that the bequest be made in memory of Gerri and her father John, whom she wishes to honor.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

How do I designate Mid-County Center in my legacy planning? Bequests and beneficiary designations should be designated as follows:

Mid-County Center, Inc.

First Regiment Road | Wilmington DE 19808-2144

(302) 995-6728 | Attn: Executive Director

EIN 51-0233084

Are there tax benefits to giving? Yes. Your tax professional is your best resource for tax questions, can help you maximize the benefit of your donation and identify potential tax benefits to you.

Can I donate directly from my retirement account to help meet my Required Minimum Distribution (“RMD”) obligation for the year? Donations made directly from your retirement may help meet your RMDs obligation while reducing your taxable income. Please consult your tax advisor.

Can I make donations from my Donor Advised Fund to Mid-County Center, Inc.? Yes.