To complete the application process, please stop by the office before you use the Center.

  • Why Become a Member?

    There’s always something happening at Mid-County! We have a constantly rotating schedule of programs and activities for members. Mid-County is a place to meet friends and renew friendships.

  • Benefits of Becoming a Member:

    Members stay active at Mid-County through physical activities, such as pickleball, strength training, bocce, and our fitness center, and mental activities, like card games, trivia, brain challenges, and puzzles. Educational programs and resources are also offered frequently. Additionally, we encourage social interaction with all members through team-oriented activities.

  • What Will You Gain from the Center?

    Members have the opportunity to interact with a large group of people with shared interests and perspectives. Members engage in a variety of activities, develop skills, and explore new interests.

  • It’s free for anyone over 50 years old

  • A place to come and have fun

  • Share a meal with others

May 2024 Newsletter